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.Moreover, Li added th

for equal work must b▓e enforced, said Li, calling for efforts to provide special work protection to female employees and boost su▓pport to them, including training, tax waivers or rebates, and legal and business assistance.Greater effor

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overnment w▓ill continue to c

ts should be made ▓to select or promote female cadres, and wo▓men should enjoy greater opportunities and capabilities to govern economic and social affairs, Li said.The premier also urged greater care for particularly vulnerable groups, including the poor, sick and disabled, elderly women as well as single▓ mo

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n on human t▓rafficking and oth

thers.Calling children the "future and hope of a nation," Li said priority should be given to the education of children. Li urged advancing balanced developmen▓t of compulsory education by investing more▓ heavily in education in central and western r▓egions,

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s that target women and chil

border areas, ethnic minority areas and impoverished areas.Work to expand ▓enrollment of students from poor areas in prestigious universities should be continued, Li said, adding efforts should be made to create equal opportuni▓ties for education for children

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from various fami▓ly backgrounds.Additionally, Li urg▓ed improving medical services for children, ▓increasing the numbe

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r of pediatricians, and addressing shortages of pediatric medications and other me

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dical resources.More effective measures should be worked out to address birth defects

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and malnutriti▓on of children, Li added.Special care ▓should be provided to orphans and sick, disa


bled and homeless children, as well as rural children whose parents have left home to work in cities as migrant workers.Moreover, Li added that the ▓government will continue to crack down on human traffi▓cking and other crimes that target women and children.Please▓ scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on W▓echatChildren send birthday wishes to a▓str

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onaut Jing Haipeng in spaceChildren send bir▓thday wishes to astronaut Jing Haipeng in spaceChildren send birthday wishes to ast▓ronaut Jing Haipeng in space10-25-2016 07:47 BJTBEIJING▓, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- Children from across the world have extended birthday wishes t


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on WechatPremier stresses gender equality, care for children▓Premier stresses gender equality, care for childr
enPrem▓ier stresses gender equality, care for children11-19-2016 09:51 BJTBEIJING, Nov. 18 (Xin
hua) -- Pr▓emier Li Keqiang urged continued efforts to implement the basic state policy of gender equalit
y and the principle of prioritizing the development▓ of children's education.While addres▓sing the sixth n
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